The Carl Nowell Leadership Award is presented each year to honor a person who embodies the following characteristics:

  • A person who shows dedication and persistence through leadership in the field of prevention and treatment of alcohol and substance abuse services on a local, state, and national level.
  • A person who displays steadfast commitment through relentless effort, competence, and planning to improve those services and programs.
  • A person who operates with a team mentality and recognizes that significant change is achieved only through the action of many individuals working together.
  • A person who shares a vision for exciting possibilities and possesses an absolute belief in his/her ability to make extraordinary things happen.


Patrick Tidwell


Foster Cook (2016)

Richard Bonds (2015)

Theodore Mitchell (2014)

Kathy House (2013)

Callie Dietz (2012)

Kent Hunt (2011)

Susan Reid (2010)

Elana Parker (2009)

Carl Nowell (2008)